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4 Ways on how a Concrete Pump adds Value to Your Project

From ancient times, humankind has been devising ways of making work more comfortable. In the construction industry, we had been using cranes for many tasks, including concrete lifting, until the invention of concrete pumps, which is more efficient.

Concrete pumps revolutionized the construction industry. And they are vital for any construction project.

How Do Concrete Pumps Work

Concrete pumps work with a mixer, which deposits concrete into a hooper behind the truck. The concrete gets siphoned to the site via pipe extensions.

Irrespective of the size of your project, you need a concrete pump, and there is always the right size. For matters size and type, you can visit BaumanLandscape & Construction for more info. They have vast experience in construction and construction equipment.

Meanwhile, let us explore further into the ways a concrete pump works for your project.

Efficiency in Projects

Conventional methods of concrete mixing and lifting are slower, compared to concrete pumps. They result in longer projects completion times.

Concrete pumps prepare concrete quickly and alleviate the problem of poor concrete mixing. In addition to speed, concrete pumps also reduce the reliance on manual or human labor, resulting in fewer costs in labor.

And unlike mixers and wheelbarrows which lead to a lot of material loss through spillage, concrete pumps are proficient and have the least chances of spills.

Access of Unreachable Areas

Sometimes a project is situated in distant and inaccessible areas, or you need to put concrete in high areas, in such instances the concrete pump becomes useful because it can maneuver past corners, bumpy areas, and high places.

A concrete pump uses elongated robot-like pumps that reach up to 150 meters, and when the site is unreachable, operators add more extensions.


If you want your project to continue without interruption, you have to hire a concrete pump. In turn, you will keep on with your project nonstop during heavy rains.

With how quick the concrete pump works, you can save on project operating costs, complete the project quickly, and start planning for the next project.

Enhanced Safety

Using the concrete pump means you won’t need many types of equipment on your site. For example, you can move cranes elsewhere and remove mixers and wheelbarrows from the site. Mixers and wheelbarrows are cumbersome and can result to harm or injury to your workers.

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