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4 tips for selecting the starting cl

So you have a great occasion ahead of you and need to find the perfect dress for that special day! It can be difficult to know where to start shopping for this special occasion! We’ve put together some of our top tips for you to buy casual wear and hopefully reduce stress for you! Whatever the occasion, be it a wedding, christening, communion, confirmation, a day at the races, a special birthday you wish for this day!

1- Our top tip for women who choose casual wear is to shop early! Give yourself time during the election occasion! There is nothing worse than being against the clock and trying to find the perfect dress! In the end it is stressful and in the end you often decide for something. You want to be happy with your outfit for this upcoming occasion! If you can, start shopping some time before your event, so you do not have to rush to make a purchase for the special occasion. Enjoy the shopping experience and feel comfortable in the selection of your events! Finally, get dressed for a special occasion and the photos will be something to look back on!

2- Another tip is to shop if possible during the season! If you have a spring / summer wedding, shop in spring / summer! The spring / summer collections with casual clothing for women are available from the beginning of January! So you still have plenty of time to shop before your Spring / Summer event! The best time to buy for your event is the season. If it is a spring / summer wedding, you want to choose from the spring / summer offer! There are so many fabulous floral prints, summery highlights, soft pastel colors and vibrant prints that are great for any spring / summer occasion.

3- Our most important piece of advice for buying outfits on occasions would be to stay open !! Our styling consultants have over 25 years of experience in dressing women for special occasions! Our stylists know the stock of events better than anyone else and know the styles and cuts of styles! You also know which shapes flatter certain figures! We would advise women who buy occasional dresses in Ireland to be open to suggestions! Our stylist will ask you about the occasion after which you are shopping and choose the right outfits for your next event based on your taste and preferences! Maybe you have a specific style or dress in mind. Do not be discouraged if you realize that the dress you are thinking of is not what you will choose. If you finally trust us, we promise you that you will feel great when choosing your event clothing!


4 – Another tip that can help you choose an Occasion Garment is to find out if there is a dress code. Is it a black tie event, a cocktail dress or is there a need for color? It is important to find out the details of the event and to dress accordingly! If there is a dress code, be sure to let our stylists know so they can tailor the search to your needs! Women can often be a little discouraged when shopping for an occasion if there is a dress code, as they sometimes feel limited in their choice of casual clothing. But you do not have to feel circumcised. The dress code requirements do not need to be strictly adhered to. If you are shopping for a special occasion, you want to look great and not just buy something because it meets the criteria of the dress code! So do not be discouraged by a dress code. We have more than 300 square meters for an occasion where you will inevitably have a wide choice in our business even with a dress code! When it comes to a black and white ball, you do not have to pick the first black or white dress you see, just because it meets the criteria! You can dress an occasion according to your wishes and still meet the dress code criteria!

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