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10 Valuable Tips To Protect Your Child From Cyberbullying

Bullying is one of those acts that has emerged from the days of school and college whether it is those fistfights or otherwise. With the development of technology, the same shakedowns have moved to social media, emails, and texting. You will get to know the problem better when you analyze the statistics. While hiring a cyberbullying lawyer is one of the solutions for people who are victims of this problem, here a ten things you need to know for stopping the acts of cyberbullying.

1.   Sharing the problem

Statistics reveal that only ten victims can share the problems of cyberbullying with an adult although a majority of the teens agree to the serious nature of the problem. Kids are often scared of the consequences and fail to reveal the truth to the adults whether in the school or to the parents. According to the kids, sharing the issue of cyberbullying can make things worse and increase the intensity of the harassment once the nature of bully is detected. Many of them also fear that the teachers and the parents may not be able to put an end to online harassment. Parents may not be able to look for the right solutions as well. Ideally, the parents must look for realistic solutions such as consider the involvement of the school administrator and contacting the sites of social media.

2.   No engagement

Reports suggest that people using social media may have come across some sort of bullying and while some of them may have become victims of such acts, the rest find it more practical to ignore such behavior. While the observers of the attack must report the problems to the adults, ignoring them is certainly better than responding to those issues. The best option to tackle this issue is to block the person from bullying altogether and stopping the email accounts.

3.   Save the acts of bullying

If your child becomes a victim of bullying, it is necessary to save all the messages through photos and screenshots that are taken on the smartphone. You must also record the date and time of the bullying acts as well for associating with a lawyer for cyberbullying and get effective solutions.

4.   Placing restrictions on technology

As soon as you place appropriate permissions and restrictions on technology, you can reduce the issues of cyberbullying to a certain extent. You have to try to set the restrictions as early as possible to prevent the children from becoming addicted to smartphones and computers and encourage them to develop a sense of good thoughts besides the digital world. This makes it easier for kids to stay away from harmful online communication when they start aging.

5.   Get more knowledge

For the parents, it is necessary to know everything they can about what their children are doing on the internet with their smartphones. One of the other misconceptions is that the boys are likely to be more aggressive towards the girls and hence, the latter is the victim. However, the boys are equally likely to be the victims of cyberbullying. While the boys engage in threatening acts, the girls are likely to deal with emotional abuse that aims to destroy the self –esteem of the victims, which is no less damaging from the threatening acts. While the victims hire lawyers to encounter this problem, the defendants contact the cyberbullying defense attorney to get the necessary help.

6.   Communication and teaching

As a parent, you must encourage your children to communicate with you about their relationships in the school and the activities occurring online. Once they raise the issue of getting their one computer or smartphone, do not hesitate to tell them about the responsibilities and the rights that come with them. Try to look for those moments when you can discuss various stories of cyberbullying in the presence of the entire family. Such conversations help your children to know what is right and what is not online and how they can tackle an unsafe situation. Keep in mind that the kids consider the advice of the parents as the best, so you have to continue with these conversations.

7.   Monitoring the behavior

Try to monitor any unnatural behavior in your children such as isolation and aversion to different activities. However, in severe cases, you can also go through the text messages or the private communications without informing them.

8.   Time spent online

When you notice that your child is intensely occupied with the computer or the smartphone, you must stop them and engage them with various other works such as community service so that they do not get an opportunity to get obsessed with the electronics.

9.   Compassionate attitude

Even if you notice that your child is involved in the act of bullying others online or brings an issue of cyberbullying to the forefront, you must not react aggressively rather have calm and compassionate attitude to the issue.

10. Tackling emotional distress

If your child is going through some kind of emotional distress, ask them about what they want and work out a solution.

The parents must try to instill self-confidence in the children whether offline or online to build awareness about cyber bullying

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