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10 Reasons Why You Should Add AI into App Development

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming a popular topic in science and business lately. Tech companies are also showing interest in AI investment. A good example is the recent acquisition of DeepMind by Google. It’s worth $400 million. It’s a prime example of mainstream AI application.

A study by McKinsey Global Institute says that tech giants such as Google and Baidu spent more than $20 billion on AI last year. They spent 90 percent of the money on R&D and deployment and 10 percent on AI acquisition.

Artificial Intelligence is slowly becoming an integral part of everything. More and more businesses are learning about ways to integrate it into different things. It’s not just AI, machine learning has also created groundbreaking influence on different sectors. These technologies becoming demanding just like the Frontier bundles.

AI is not a fad. It’s not going anywhere. Those business owners who don’t take part in it will soon fall behind. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your business now, would you?  Here are 10 reasons that explain why AI should be a part of app development:

#1: Its Gaining Momentum

AI investment is increasing rapidly. Its investors are not just limited to finance, education and healthcare. It’s now becoming a part of the mobile apps we use on a daily basis.

#2: It Helps Engage Users

AI is very effective in analyzing user data. It provides insights about users. You get to know their likes, dislikes and a lot more. All this information tells you what aspect of your app is not useful. Once you know that, you can focus on what’s working. This will improve customer engagement.

#3: It Can Transform the User Experience

People are using smart apps for accomplishing their daily tasks. Users love personalization in mobile apps. Who would love an app that can order your favorite coffee without asking? With this approach, you can gain a competitor’s edge. There will come a time when people will expect this service in every app.

#4: It Helps Your App Earn

The user data that you gain isn’t just useful in making your app better. You can leverage this information to sell ads or find investors.

#5: Everyone Is Doing It

I understand that is a weak argument but here is what you need to know. Gartner estimates that almost 200 giant firms across the world will develop intelligent apps in the coming year. Why should you stay behind? Even if you can start on a small scale, get started.

#6: The Popularity of Voice Control

Home devices have made users familiar with voice control. This feature is widespread now. You need to ask yourself – does my business app function with voice control?

#7: It Makes Integration Easy

Who doesn’t love convenience? Building in voice control and other AI features will improve the seamless integration of your app with other apps. Users will be able to move from one app to another without stopping to launch a separate app.

#8: AI Helps Retain Customers

Apps that are enabled with AI provide a personalized, intuitive, and seamless experience. That’s why chatbots are transforming the phase of mobile app development.  AI in mobile apps let you collect data from the past interactive sessions.

This lets a business understand customer behavior accurately. The apps that don’t have such innovative features are eventually abandoned by users. The apps that use AI algo help retain customers by offering them a seamless user experience.

AI can help in analyzing user data to offer customer insights. With all this information, you can introduce features in your app that would help retain customers.

#9: It’s Not That Expensive

The cost of the AI integration in your mobile app actually depends on what functions you want to add. The great thing is if you add AI in the initial stage of app development, it will be less expensive. Your app will offer something that is much more marketable than others and this will help you stand out.

In other words, the cost of AI mobile app development will depend on functionality, features, utility, and complexity.

#10: It Generates Customer Loyalty

Artificial intelligence also empowers pattern detecting abilities. Let’s suppose such intelligence is integrated into finance apps. AI will help analyze the patterns of card usage from the past transactions of customers. The mobile app will inform users whenever a suspicious or unusual payment attempt takes place. This convenience would increase customer loyalty towards such apps.

Final Thoughts

It all started with Siri in Apple devices. Then came Amazon with Alexa to personalize user experience in unimaginable ways. Google has stepped up its game too with DeepMind.

IBM and Microsoft are also creating AI software. Another major breakthrough is made by Ford. It has partnered with Amazon to use Alexa in its vehicles. This will help drivers check weather conditions, play music, audiobooks and even control devices that are enabled with Alexa.

Those days aren’t far when customers will use their Frontier FiOS packages to enjoy the convenience offered by AI-based apps on their mobile devices. It’s time you give a thought about AI for your mobile app too.

Wassay Ahmed is the president and Co-founder of Ideas Web Service, a company driven by results. With its top-class web services, the company claims to provide you with successful SEO campaigns for your business. Wassay has nearly 5 years of SEO, Digital Marketing, and Web Developments experience. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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